1. How much do new kitchen cabinets cost?
There are a lot of options in cabinets! The cost will depend on many factors:
o What type of cabinets do you want?
o How many cabinets do you need? (How large is the space)
o What height do you want the cabinets to be?
o Do you want “extras”, like full extension drawers, soft-close doors, or crown molding, etc.?

All of these things play a part in the overall cost, in addition to the cabinet line that you select. You can take the same space and use higher or lower end *finishes and have at two totally different price points. The finish will also dictate a different quality of cabinet. At Studio Spinola, we do not install builder grade quality. We do custom cabinet and semi-custom cabinet work. The quality of these is much better!


2. What are “builder grade” cabinets? How are they different than high-quality cabinets?
A base model, builder-grade cabinet is generally 3/4 overlay doors with a particle board box and shelf construction. Cabinet manufactures and retailers more commonly call particle board, furniture board. Those cabinet types can be very inexpensive; however, the cabinet failure rate is higher, they break sooner, and the finish will wear away more quickly than a higher-end product. There is usually a wide divider in front of a double door cabinet that restricts the size of items you can put into that space. There is also a lower end full overlay door that will increase the cabinet price point, but again, if it’s a stock piece, then the particle board cabinet line can be affordable.

One thing to remember when it comes to cabinets, is this quote: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” — Benjamin Franklin

These images show an example of the poor quality of builder grade cabinets:
poor quality cabinets

3. How much do builder grade cabinets in a small kitchen cost?
A few thousand or less, depending on the overall size of the kitchen.

At Studio Spinola, we do not install builder grade cabinets. We do custom cabinet and semi-custom cabinet work. The quality of these is so much better!

4. How can I determine how much my new kitchen will cost?
A good rule to remember in any home renovation: the bigger the space, the higher the cost. If you want taller cabinets, it will cost more for the materials. For example: a 30” wall cabinet will cost less than a 42” wall cabinet. If you want to expand your kitchen cabinets when you remodel, it will cost more, but if you downsize, it will save you money. (Most of the time, people want more cabinets, not less of them).

5. Can I choose the details that I want in my new cabinets?
Can I get custom- made cabinets to fit my space? Yes, most manufacturers allow upgrades. You can add things like dovetail drawers and all wood boxes. If you choose a higher-end cabinet manufacturer, many of the upgrades will come standard! It may save you money in the end, by choosing a cabinet line with better quality cabinet that build upgrades into their product.

6. What kind of cabinets are in a middle price point?
Semi-custom cabinetry is a great option. The quality of the finish and the construction of the cabinets are much better than builder grade. Features like dove-tailed drawers and soft-close hinges come standard on those. Semi-custom manufactured cabinet brands also have more door and finish options. In addition to specialty features, you will have more modification ability for the designer to utilize during installation. In the end that gives you a more custom look, better value, and overall makes the space easier to use and enjoy. Your space should be set up to work the way you do in the kitchen.

7. There are a lot of cabinet manufacturers. How do I choose one?
This is where you will want a kitchen designer (Studio Spinola) to help you choose the right brand and model. With so many options, you will want help to narrow down the choices, options, colors and brands. You may want advice on the layout of your kitchen if you have considered adding more space or changing the layout. Take a look at our vendors, here: studiospinola.com/links

8. Can I go to a big box store and get standard cabinets?
Yes, but the difference between the big store and a cabinet dealer (like Studio Spinola), is the advantage of working with a dealer and a designer. The big box store may be less, but the quality may not be the same. The construction of the cabinet from the dealer would likely be better than the one by the same brand name that is offered in the large store.

We offer top quality constructions and design work! Take a look at our vendors, here: studiospinola.com/links

9. Why should I choose a custom-cabinet dealer like Studio Spinola for my kitchen or bathroom cabinets?
Because the full custom cabinetry options that we have are simply beautiful! We have many, many door styles and tons of colors that are offered as standard options! The construction of our cabinet lines are also superior to builder grade options and are made to last.

When you are ready to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom cabinets in the Hilton Head, Bluffton, Okatie or other Low Country areas, call an experienced designer to help you make the most of your space! Studio Spinola guarantees quality workmanship and superior product options.

Call us now at 843-247-3009. Schedule your appointment with a professional cabinet designer!

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